5th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education
Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability: from Understanding to Action
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
23 - 25 November 2010


Methodology of the Parallel Workshops

The discussions of the workshops will be shaped according to an interactive and participative methodology that in short, entails small group clarification of the hurdles for the transformation of Higher Education and possible solutions or lines of action through the creation of a barrier diagram and a solution diagram.

Each workshop will be made up of approximately 30 people who will be subdivided into subgroups of 5 or 6. Each workshop will be facilitated by one Facilitator who will conduct the group work dynamic, with a focus on the barrier & solution diagram.

Each subgroup will first discuss the difficulties that arise from the challenges previously mentioned in the plenary session, and will select a set of principal difficulties as the most pertinent to face in order to advance. Each subgroup will write the results on post-its that will then be handed-in to the facilitator. The facilitator will progressively create a problem diagram with the contributions of all the participants.

From the resulting problem diagram, the subgroups will again gather in order to work on solutions for the difficulties previously identified. After 30 minutes, each subgroup will share its three most relevant solutions that will be posted in the solution diagram through post-its.

Once the solution diagram has been created, the facilitator will synthesise the conclusions that have been arrived to and will give the groups voice to add whatever they feel may be necessary.

The conclusions of each workshop will be presented during the afternoon plenary session Taking Stock: Sharing the Workshops' Conclusions.

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