5th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education
Higher Education's Commitment to Sustainability: from Understanding to Action
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
23 - 25 November 2010

GUNI's Commitment to Sustainability

GUNI and the conference organisers will attempt to ensure that the event is sustainable by adopting a number of measures to mitigate its negative impact on the environment, citizens and the region.


Every effort has been made to ensure that as little waste as possible is generated as a result of the event. Recycling and reuse of the materials needed for the conference will be promoted whenever possible.



  1. The materials given to those attending the conference will be recyclable.

  2. The documents will be issued in a digital format.

  3. The suppliers chosen follow sustainability criteria.

  4. Organic and fair-trade food products will be served during the conference.

  5. Whenever possible, local services and products have been chosen.


Efforts have also been made to promote the use of public transport and responsible consumption by attendees through raising their awareness about the impact their stay in Barcelona has on the city, and by publishing various sections on this website that offer information, recommendations and advice for reducing their carbon footprint (http://www.ecologicalfootprint.com/).

  Tips on sustainability

Co2 emissions cause around 60% of the greenhouse effect that results in global warming. A high proportion of these emissions are caused by means of transport, particularly aeroplanes. We suggest you calculate the emissions that your trip to Barcelona will generate.


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